[Ebook] ➮ Harvest of Dreams (Gods Dream Trilogy #3) ➭ Debra Holland – Escortkibris724.live

[Ebook] ➮ Harvest of Dreams (Gods Dream Trilogy #3)  ➭ Debra Holland – Escortkibris724.live
  • Kindle Edition
  • 397 pages
  • Harvest of Dreams (Gods Dream Trilogy #3)
  • Debra Holland
  • English
  • 18 June 2018

Harvest of Dreams (Gods Dream Trilogy #3) A Captive God Who Must Be Freed.An Evil God Set To Enslave The World Of Kimtair.A Hero And Two Heroines From Earth Join Forces With Kimtair S Warrior Princess And Princes To Battle The Evil One S Minions.Can They Defeat The Evil God And Win Freedom For Their People A Wonderfully Developed Fantasy World Provides The Backdrop For A Story That Has All The Elements Beloved By Fantasy Readers Loves Reading

About the Author: Debra Holland

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10 thoughts on “Harvest of Dreams (Gods Dream Trilogy #3)

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    Usually I find the final book in a trilogy to be disappointing That was not the case with this trilogy I enjoyed book than the previous This was a well developed series from the book one.

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    Before Sadie had time to think about what was going to happen, she drifted to sleep Sadie found herself holding the handle of her travel case and standing at a wooden door set in familiar looking green stone wall I m in Sea Gem , she marveled, wondering why the goddess had sent her here The door opened and Theron appeared but a Theron she d never seen before Young, perhaps even younger than she, auburn haired and vibrant He grinned at her, golden eyes alight with pleasure, and gestured with a leather wrapped sword he held in his right hand for her to come in Shocked at his appearance, Sadie rooted her feet to the ground Theron glanced behind him She saw his profile He looks like the face of a coin with his auburn hair, he s a shiny copper penny How how Theron reached out and grabbed her hand, towing her into the room The wheels of the travel case rattled on the floor Ask not the ways of deities, he said HARVEST OF DREAMS by Debra Holland is the truly epic conclusion to an awesome sci fi fantasy trilogy It is the final amazing installment in Debra s Gods Dream Trilogy series While it can be enjoyed as a standalone as Debra seamlessly fills in information necessary to un...

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    Harvest of Dreams The Gods Dream Trilogy, Book 3UNABRIDGED by Debra Holland Narrated by Noah Michael Levine View Series Reviewed 10 11 14 Fantasy, Romance, Suspense Gods Godesses WOW OverallPerformanceStoryMeet Sadie and Thadeus and renew your acquaintance with Princess Daria and Khan, and Prince Indarin and Jasmine Excitement and nail biting suspense Wars among evil gods and goddesses and beneficent gods and goddesses and their subjects A tale of fantasy and epic proportions Ultimately, the triumph of good over evil, liberation and restoration of a deposed and imprisoned sea god with the help of the denizens of the ocean and his loyal subjects of Seagem, along with the help of their other world friends.Noah Michael narrator, gave it his best shot He captured to perfection, the excitement, the dread, suspense and romance in this journey I loved his narration, his voice changes for the many characters was stupendous and made the book s adventures come alive.I absolutely recomm...

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    As we continue on into the Gods Dreams Trilogy, we are on book 3, the final book in this series, Harvest of Dreams This is an exciting ending to this Science Fiction Epic Fantasy that has been loaded with tons of action, new and old adventures and lots of answers to questions we have thought up after reading the first two books in this series I have to say, the plot is well thought out in this series as a whole This entire series is so different from any books I have read and it was refreshing The author, Debra Holland did a great job writing this series and as much as I liked it, I still love her as a western historical writer even I have now read every single title Ms Holland has in the audio book world so far and every book she writes is loaded with thrills, excitement, adventures, dreams and many emotions I am never disappoin...

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    Oh My Goddess This book was INCREDIBLE Debra made Harvest of Dreams into all that could be hoped for and MORE The saga for Kimtair had me yelling and screaming, like the characters could hear me and understand my desire to help My love for the inhabitants of this fantastical world hate for some too kept me tethered to the book with a rainbow of feelings I have to say that Noah Michael Le...

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    This final installment takes everything from the first two books and brings it all crashing together and leaves you breathless There is love, epic battles and even depth into our villainess It saddens me that this series has come to an end I have never read such beautiful books that combine so many beliefs, worlds, an...

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    I wrote a very detailed review but my fat fingers hit a wrong button and I lost it all In summary, I loved the action, I think it woyld translate really well onto film The intelligent adopted pets were fun to read about The description of the Kimtair world left very vivid imagery in my mind I loved all the new...

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    Absolutely amazing ending The scene where Yadarius was released had me sobbing I am so glad that I took a chance on this trilogy It was a well written and unique adventure

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    Well written final episode for young adults older children that started with Sower of Dreams

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