Epub ❧ The Essential Guide To Prepping Author David Pearson – Escortkibris724.live

Epub ❧ The Essential Guide To Prepping Author David Pearson – Escortkibris724.live
  • Kindle Edition
  • 92 pages
  • The Essential Guide To Prepping
  • David Pearson
  • English
  • 22 June 2017

The Essential Guide To PreppingNEW UPDATED VERSION ALSO AVAILABLE IN PRINT Unexpected Doesn T Have To Mean Unprepared In Today S Fragile Economic, Political, Environmental And Social Climate It S Easy To See The Necessity For Becoming Self Reliant Disasters Such As Hurricane Katrina, The Japan Earthquake And Nuclear Disaster, And The Boston Bombing Have Relayed To Us Again And Again That No One Is Left Untouched In Tragedies Such As These Like The Butterfly Effect, Disaster Affects Us All On A Global Scale, Further Bringing Home The Importance Of Having A Plan, And Making Preparations To Keep Ourselves And Our Loved Ones Safe It Is Simply A Matter Of Defining What You Feel Is Important For You To Prepare For In The Event Of An Emergency, Whether It Be Something As Simple And Basic As Taking Measures To Prepare For An Unexpected Power Outage, Your Vehicle Breaking Down, Job Loss, Or Illness It May Also Include Environmental Preparations For Fire, Flood, Or Earthquake This Book Will Help You To Rethink Your Back Up Plans Or Create New Ones Should You Not Already Have Measures In Place Don T Have A Kindle Don T Worry, You Can Also View This Book By Downloading The FREE Kindle App For Your Computer, IPad, Or Other Mobile Device This Easy To Read Small DIY Guide Covers Simple Tips On Repurposing What You Already Have Redefining Your Mindset Your Biggest Ally In A Disaster Scenario Disaster Nutrition Survival Myths And Common Mistakes Bugging Out And Personalizing A Bug Out Bag Bugging In In A Variety Of Locations Home, Office, Apartment Water Purification, Sourcing And Storage Climate Considerations Creating An Affordable And Sustainable Food Storage Pantry, Including Living And Vital Foods Portable Food Options Personal Security Privacy Emergency Preparation For The Family With Small Children And Babies Herbal First Aid And Foraging Gear And Product Recommendations And Affordable Alternatives Alternative Options For First Aid Kits, And Medicine Storage Local Assets Locating Nearby Resources For Water, Aid, Food And Shelter And Scroll Up And Grab Your Copy Now About The Author David Has Over Years Experience In Emergency And Survival Training From The Oil And Gas Industry He Left His Field After Witnessing The Startling Devastation And Impact That Drilling Is Taking On Our Planet, Its Communities And Natural Resources His Greatest Passion Is Being Outdoors And Learning New Ways To Tread Lightly He Lives On A Homestead In Oregon With His Wife, Two Home Schooled Children And His Dog Ernie

About the Author: David Pearson

David Pearson is an architect planner who has been actively involved in inner city and new town housing for most of his working life, and with the Gaia movement inspired by the view of the Earth as a living planet for several years Widely travelled, and with degrees from both University of London and University of California, he is Director of the eco and health consultancy Gaia Environments, a

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    Have you ever thought about what you would do if when the zombie apocalypse occurred Where would you go How would you survive Whether it s zombies or a real world threat you re worried about, David Pearson s The Essential Guide to Prepping is an excellent beginner s guide on the basic preparations for surviving an extreme event He adequately covers topics such as how to reinforce your own home or to find shelter if you re on the move, what types of food you should stock, and how to store and or find potable water Pearson also covers a check list of what to include in your basic survival first aid kit that goes beyond the expected band aids, pain killers, and Neosporin In addition to these basic necessities, Pearson also includes some other interesting and important tips Brush your teeth and beware of sugary energy bars Can you imagine having a terrible toothache with no access to a dentist Buy and take vitamins and minerals Chances are you won t be able to eat balanced meals so be sure to have a pack of vitamins ready and available Holistic remedies for headaches, stomach aches, itch...

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    When I first saw this book I thought it was just for preppers, but I was surprised that it actually had survival tips too This book was one of the best prepping books I have read so far in my life I am not a prepper and I was surprised on how much I enjoyed the book I didn t want it to end, but it s nice because it s not too short, not too long, and provides great informa...

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    Good tipsSimple, plain tips that are explained in common sense terms Practical and easy to understand I would like to have this book if anything ever did happen

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